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Hydrocarbon Sludge

Hydrocarbons in whatever form are generally the most common contaminant that requires remediation due to their ... Read More...
Sulfur Oil Reductiont

Sulfur Oil Reduction

Let’s face it, things change. Not only have the prices of gasoline, diesel and motor oils changed in the last decade or so, the chemical makeup of these products have all changed, too.

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Oil Remediation

The removal and disposal of contaminated material and elimination of remaining contamination using bio-remediation... Read More...
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Tank Cleaning

Ergofito specialises in green separation and reduction of BS&W with the highest possible oil recovery from the sludge. Read More...
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Soil Restoration

Soil degradation is when soil deteriorates because of human activity and loses its quality and productivity. Read More...
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May 9, 2014

Oil & Gas Cleantech Challenge - Sept 06, 2018

The Oil and Gas Cleantech Challenge is a product innovation showcase and competition that connects clean technology solutions to the oil and natural gas industry. As the oil and natural gas industry evolves and faces challenging markets, it continues to invest in technologies that address methane mitigation, resource usage, water quality and operational risks.

Aug 1, 2018

2018 API Storage Tank Conference & Expo

The Annual API Storage Tank Conference provides attendees with new information on tank-related research, latest technologies, and API petroleum standards. This informative conference features multiple panels that will help you understand the requirements to maintain tank integrity while complying with environmental rules.